Memphis Moore as Mayor Apostle Paul of San Francisco


San Francisco is in a state of emergency on homelessness, let's act like it! Let's preserve a history of peace by getting rid of symbols of war. To begin, I will vote to create an Ecumenical Spiritual/Religious Monastey run by the Foundation for a Better Society here: look at all the corporate shit ideas!! Imagine, instead, an emergency take over at Fort Scott to allow all the homeless a place to sleep (there are 15,000 army barracks waiting!!!!)

Priority #1: Stop drug use on city streets and in city parks

Move all drug use to controlled atmospheres on city-owned land, out of the view of children. Do you want your children to see people with needles in their arms? Or do you want your pets or children to step on infected needles in the park and on the streets? Do tourists visit San Francisco in order to see this? I didn't think so! I'll stop this shit!

Priority #2: Dramatically increase the services available for drug or alcohol recovery

The majority of the people on the streets are stuck in their behaviors because there are no facilities to accommodate their desires to stop or limit their drug or alcohol use. They need both hope and a pathway to recovery, and at this time there is neither. Let's start with some pop-up facilities on city-owned or unused land.

Priority #3: Get the homeless into the housing that they have been promised

On most nights of the year, especially the coldest and the rainiest, no one can get a shelter bed because they are all full. Many of the people in the shelters want and deserve permanent housing, which opens up additional beds at the shelters. Let's start with some pop-up shelters on city-owned or unused land.

Priority #4: No hope = petty crime

Do you enjoy getting your cars busted into on a nightly basis? Does your business suffer from excessive shoplifting? People with no hope tend to do what they have to do to survive. If we provide the basic services and better environment for them, they will be better people.

Priority #5: Public toilets and trash cans

You took these away from us! Bring them back! Do you want to see people shitting on your doorstep? Do you like the smell of urine throughout the city of San Francisco? Do you really think tourists like to visit San Francisco for the smell of shit and piss? What about all the garbage everywhere? This is an easy one shitheads in government!

Priority #6: Jobs and job training

A job and a hard days work brings dignity and further community stability. With the other priorities above accomplished, the sober person with a stable living environment can then seek a job or job training. Let's setup job navigation centers and put some incentives in place for employers who hire people who are recently or currently homeless. When it is easy for a homeless person to see a clear pathway from where they are now, to where they want to be, hope can bloom.

About Memphis

Paul "Memphis" Moore was born in Gaffney, South Carolina. His grandfather was a World War 2 marine, his father served in the US Air force during the Korean War, his uncle was a Navy Seal. Memphis served 8 years in the Marine Corps. He has been homeless for 16 years on the streets of San Francisco. He is tired of seeing people fall through the cracks of the systems setup in San Francisco. He knows how to fix the cracks the people keep falling through. The system is screwed up.

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